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  • One-time visit to Guangzhou International Food Festival all over the world

    It’s finally coming! ! !

    As a senior food

    Why can swollen miss this gourmet food heaven?

    More unexpected is that

    It is said that food trucks on the streets of Dubai (Food Truck)

    Even appeared in Guangzhou International Food Festival!

    Dubai is like this in my mind

    Between Chuan odd  color in Dubai, I can’t help but speculate that Dubai’s street-moving dining car is not all gold forged? So I secretly opened the degree of mother, found that the fast food car in Dubai is not the same!

    Although it was not full of cars to wear the golden armor, but it was full of fairy-tale dreamlike appearance and unique design.

    Let’s take a look at our street food trucks, it is full of strong local flavor! So I could not help but wondered if the Dubai dining car that appeared at the Guangzhou International Food Festival actually looked like the one in the European and American movies.

    how about it? After reading these “luxury cars”, is it not as exciting as me? However, what is more exciting is that these cars are actually Made in China, which makes me very proud! It is said that these beautiful mobile dining carts were made by the Magic food car Company.


    They focus on selling electric vehicles for mobile business and brand promotion. Their products include: gourmet food trucks, mobile dining cars, mobile dining cars, commercial outreach cars, beauty nail cars, mobile photo studios, ice cream cars.

    The production of shop cars are exported to 8 countries (the United States, Japan, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Malaysia, UAE) and more than 269 domestic cities.


    Their product content includes snacks, street drinks, outreach, photo studios, baking, appliances, home appliances, clothing, beauty makeup, real estate, tourism, etc. It can also provide professional and personalized customized services according to the industries the users want to engage in. Customized and personalized needs to create private brand benefits, so that the success of Magic food car users faster!

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