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  • On December 8, the China (Shaxian) Snack Tourism and Culture Festival ushered in its 20th birthday. There are a total of 11 countries from across the country, including France, Brazil, India, and other 11 countries, where food is brought together in Sha County, and over 100 international and local specialties help out.


    The most authoritative food association in China, the annual meeting of the China Cuisine Association Snack Professional Committee, also moved to the Cultural Festival. A feast on the tip of the tongue is absolutely not to be missed.

    Mongolian roast whole lamb, Brazilian barbecue, South African crepe, North American Boston lobster, Irish bread crab, cheese, etc…. As a senior food, just listen to feel very enjoyable!

    Wait, what are the members of the association?

    At  here!

    In front of food, no one really resists!


    Li Yaguang, vice chairman of the China Cuisine Association, was particularly interested in the six fine dining cars that appeared on the festival. As the designated car for this food tour event, these dining cars are manufactured by the Magic Store, which not only has a beautiful appearance, but also features specialization and intelligence.


    The intelligent dining car produced by Magic food car can realize the remote control of the car’s facilities and the precise interactive marketing of the products. The standard interfaces in the car and the professional smoke drainage equipment are all highly praised by the professionals present. The characteristics of financial leasing, lease-based sales, on-time charges, and personalized customization make the on-site crowd of crowded dining cars surprised.


    Running on mobile is an option for future catering and experiential marketing. The magic shop car needs to follow the trend and provide this choice for the future.

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