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  • On May 12th and 14th, the entire main member of the magic food car successfully held the 2019 annual strategy and management seminar.

    The theme of this seminar is “Inheritance and cohesion, efficiency and success in the future”, and determined the development strategy of the company in 2019 and plans for each department, summarized the company’s 2019 annual keywords for the status quo: Precipitation, Inheritance, Efficiency, Coordination, Change, training.



    In addition, the company also organized trekking activities and cold meals. The trekking and team building activities enhance the team’s cohesion while training and improving physical fitness. In contrast, the red wine, western food, evening rituals were added to each other at the buffet party and brought another experience to the conference.


    On the scene of the buffet party, the company presented awards to outstanding teams and individuals at the conference, and awarded rewards to employees who have made outstanding contributions to the annual work, which greatly inspired team morale.

    Through three days of meetings, the problems that have plagued various departments have been sorted out, and the path to achieve the annual goals has become clearer and clearer. After coordinating, it is implementation. All departments have stated that with impetus , it will surely accelerate the implementation of the plan.



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