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  • With the rise of mobile dining car companies and the appearance of products, the mobile dining car culture has become increasingly popular overseas.

    In the new industry of mobile dining car, the magic food car has long been known to the Chinese people. It is the earliest company that entered the mobile dining car industry in China and the only direct selling factory with a professional design R&D team in China.


    Each year, it has obtained more than 100 national-level technology patents, providing personalized mobile store solutions to meet customer needs, and is committed to helping customers build new business ideas. Magic mobile shop cars have been exported to 8 countries (USA, Japan, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates) more than 269 domestic cities.

    The powerful technology R&D team is the most proud capital of Magic food car. In just over a year, the R&D team developed six series and more than 30 types of models in the magic food car, obtaining more than 160 national utility model and design patents.


    Aiming to be the world’s No. 1 provider of intelligent mobile management equipment and solutions, Magic food car is actively exploring the international market, bringing Chinese food and dining cars to more people in need.


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